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简要描述:BlackBerry is far from what it used to be, but based on its stock performance this year, the smartphone maker isn’t ready for a burial just yet.黑莓(BlackBerry)显然今不如昔,但根据今年的股价走势,这家智能手机制造商显然还没有想跟世界完全道别。...

本文摘要:BlackBerry is far from what it used to be, but based on its stock performance this year, the smartphone maker isn’t ready for a burial just yet.黑莓(BlackBerry)显然今不如昔,但根据今年的股价走势,这家智能手机制造商显然还没有想跟世界完全道别。


BlackBerry is far from what it used to be, but based on its stock performance this year, the smartphone maker isn’t ready for a burial just yet.黑莓(BlackBerry)显然今不如昔,但根据今年的股价走势,这家智能手机制造商显然还没有想跟世界完全道别。BlackBerry shares have climbed nearly 45% this year to $10.94 on Tuesday. That’s pretty remarkable performance for any stock, let alone that of a company many shrugged off as irrelevant and nearly defunct. BlackBerry’s U.S. market share among smartphones is an anemic 2.3% versus Android’s 52.1% and Apple’s 41.9%, according to comScore.今年初以来,黑莓的股价下跌了近45%,周二收盘时报10.94美元。对任何一只股票而言,这样的展现出都非常出众,更加不用说黑莓这样的公司——在许多人眼中它早已无足轻重,而且深陷破产。数字领域分析机构康姆斯科(comScore)获取的数据表明,黑莓在美国智能手机市场中的份额只有2.3%,而安卓(Android)和苹果公司(Apple)的份额分别为52.1%和41.9%。

Are rebounding shares one sign of a possible BlackBerry comeback? Not necessarily. Although investors are clearly excited about something happening over at Waterloo.股价声浪否意味著黑莓有可能东山再起呢?不一定。但这家公司的一些动向似乎让投资者深感激动。

“The primary thing they’ve done is cut costs,” says Ken Dulaney, a vice president at Gartner, a tech research firm. In May, BlackBerry began selling the Z3 smartphone exclusively in Indonesia. The 5-inch, touchscreen device is more notable for its affordability – it costs $190 – than features. It was also one of the first products to emerge from a partnership with Foxconn, the Taiwanese manufacturer responsible for churning out iPads, iPhones, and Kindle e-readers. Previously, BlackBerry contracted out its phone manufacturing, but a new partnership with Foxconn – a notoriously efficient business - is intended to be more cost-efficient in the face of declining revenues, which plunged 69% to $966 during BlackBerry’s first quarter.科技行业研究机构低德纳(Gartner)副总裁尼克o杜拉尼说道:“他们的主要成就是缩减成本。”5月份,黑莓发售了专门针对印尼市场的Z3智能手机。这款5英寸触屏手机最引人关注的是便宜的价格,而不是功能——它的售价仅有为190美元。这也是黑莓和富士康——iPad、iPhone和Kindle电子书阅读器的台湾代工厂商沦为合作伙伴后发售的首批产品之一。

此前,黑莓曾将手机生产业务外包,而这次跟以效率著称的富士康合作则是为了在收益大大上升之际提升成本效率。黑莓第一财季收益大幅度暴跌69%,上升到了9.66亿美元。“Investors don’t care if it [BlackBerry] goes out of business in the next two years,” explains Dulaney. “If there’s a perception that it’s doing better for a period of time, they can invest in it.”杜拉尼说明说道:“投资者并不关心今后两年(黑莓)否不会破产。如果人们实在它的情况不会在一段时间内获得提高,就不会对它投资。


”Besides slashing costs, Chen has also expressed interest in finding new ways for BlackBerry to make money. It’s banking on new devices for emerging markets where the brand remains more widely-used, as well as better enterprise software that is due out by the end of the year.除了缩减成本,另一个让人感兴趣的问题是,黑莓能否寻找赚的新途径。这家公司寄希望于面向新兴市场的新产品以及更佳的企业软件。在新兴市场,黑莓手机依然获得了较为普遍的应用于,改良后的企业软件也将在今年底之前发售。That may not be enough. While Dulaney suggests BlackBerry give up trying to own the software operating system its devices run for the more popular Android he suggests a more radical approach: splitting the company up so products like its messaging service, which still has 80 million-plus users monthly, have a better shot at surviving without the pressures of a larger company in turn-around mode.但这些或许还过于。


Adds Dulaney: “If BlackBerry wants to stay a single entity, they’ll need to sell millions and millions more devices.” Possible, but more and more unlikely as the competition’s prices continue to drop.杜拉尼认为:“如果想要维持原始,黑莓的手机销量就得提升许多许多。”这有可能,但随着竞争对手大大减少产品价格,这种可能性于是以显得更加明朗。






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